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Tripp's Tree Services provides professional tree services for residential and commercial.

Tree trimming or pruning requires proper and precise techniques.  If a tree is not trimmed properly it could decline, die or become a safety hazard.  Tripp Tree Services has studied how to safely, properly and precisely trim and prune trees.

Tree trimming or pruning is the most common job for tree companies and the most delicate task a tree company could under go.  Each limb removed or not removed changes the growth and look of the tree.

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Reasons to prune a tree

Safety- Examples include limbs hanging over a building, dead limbs or limbs that block the vision of a driver’s Line of sight, over a playground or child’s play area, or raising the canopy of a tree so you can maintain the ground underneath the tree without getting hit by low hanging tree limbs.

Tree Health- Weight reductions (when major limbs are weighed down with large amount of smaller limbs), removal of any dead or diseased limbs.

Aesthetics - Trees are mainly located in a forest environment and are not used to our urban environment. It is very important that we recreate the tree’s natural habitat to help it co exist with our environment, building, houses, automobiles, landscapes, etc…. Unkempt trees can detract from the property value. Aesthetic pruning can enhance the health and natural form of the tree to give your property value for an everlasting unique look for your entire property.   

* There can be other reasons to trim or prune a tree; these are the most common.  Please contact Lee with any questions or concerns.

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